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Aspire supports practices that empower individuals to set personal goals, make plans to achieve those goals, and develop valued social roles within their community. Aspire supports people by assisting individuals in creating and utilizing natural support systems found in their own environment and community.

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Person Centered Approach

Throughout their lifespan, people are active, contributing, and respected members of the community.  Participants have the ability to choose from a full array of effective and meaningful natural and paid supports to access what is important for them and to access and maintain what is important to them.

Valued Social Roles

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities often find themselves lacking the valued social roles that many of us take for granted such as employee/employer, friend, wife/husband, mother/father, community member, etc.  Aspire works to assist these individuals to increase their presence in their community, contribute to that community, and to acquire more valued roles within that community.  

Community Integration

Communities are the first places to seek, identify, and nurture supports and opportunities.  Our staff strives to assist participants to foster community connections in which participants can develop relationships, learn, work, earn income, and actively participate in community life.

Natural Supports

The involvement of family members and friends is one way to empower participants in the on-going pursuit of active meaningful participation in the community.  Aspire strives to build on the strengths, gifts, talents, skills, and contributions of the participant and those who know and care about the participant. 

Conflict Free 

Case management is conflict free when both the provider agency and the individual providing case management is not employed by, does not have a financial interest in, nor is affiliated, to any degree, with an agency that provides home and community-based services. Case managers and evaluators of the beneficiary’s need for services are not related by blood or marriage to the individual; to any of the individual’s paid caregivers; or to anyone financially responsible for the individual or empowered to make financial or health-related decisions on the beneficiary’s behalf.

Our Values

Aspire Case Management provides no other direct services in order to maintain a conflict free climate where participants are given the opportunity to exercise freedom of choice of service providers.   

Aspire Case Management services are funded primarily through the Supports for Community Living and the Michelle P. Medicaid Waivers.

Conflict Free
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Proud Member of the Kentucky Association of Private Providers


Aspire is a collaboration of high quality case managers who provide and inspire each other with knowledge and support.  Case managers work independently with technical support and a centralized billing and paperless document management system.  With over 30 years of experience in providing services, the owner of Aspire encourages case managers to provide creative solutions to service needs and supports those efforts.  

If this sounds interesting to you and you have waiver experience, contact us to see what Aspire can do for you!  

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